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Christos Markides

I am member of the Special Teaching Staff at the Computer Science and Engineering Department at Frederick University Cyprus. My field of study is Computer Science and Cybernetics. I graduated from Reading University with an MSc. in Engineering and Information sciences. My field of reasearch lies with hybrid infrared filters used in satellites for space spectroscopy.

My academic interests are Networks, Neural Networks, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligenece, Artificial Life and Genetic Algorithms.

At the moment I am undertaking a PhD in Photonics as a part time student at City University. The aim is to use the Beam Propagation Method in conjuction with coupling coefficients to describe waveguides, infrared filters, and optical filters.

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Recent Research Projects:

ASPIDAASPIDA Research Project
The ASPIDA research project will involve the development of novel pattern recognition models based on the algorithmic theory of randomness and the application of these models to the problem of medical diagnosis.

COICountry of Origin Information Database
The purpose of this project is the development of a database that will provide information regarding asylum seekers' countries of origin ...

Alpas ALPAS Research Project
The aim of the project is the development of the ability of children to solve mathematical problems.

Recent Publications:

Ant Evolutionary Algorithms for Molecular Conformation Problems
Ant based optimisation methods were invented by Marco Dorigo and so far have been used almost entirely for order-based problems ... PDF

Statistically Optimal and Neural Network Based Approach for Detecting Local Heterogeneities on Images
An optimal algorithm is being proposed for the synthesis of neural algorithms for local heterogeneities detection on images ... PDF